October 20-21 Tournament Results and Photos



F: Zhen (Eugene) Wang  def. Kai Zhang (4, 4, 4)

SF: Zhen Wang def. Pierre-Luc Theriault (3, 5, 5); Kai Zhang def. Max Qinmin Wang (9, 8, 8)

QF: Zhen Wang def. Matthew Khan (1, 1, 3); Pierre-Luc Theriault def. John Clang (3, 7, 5); Max Qinmin Wang def. Ethan Jin (12, 3, -3, 8); Kai Zhang def. Can Kevin Wang (8, -8, 7, -9, 5)


Under 2500


F: Matthew Khan def. Ludovic Gombos (8, 6, -9, 9)

SF: Ludovic Gombos def. Ethan Jin (8, 7, 7); Matthew Khan def. Jack Wang (9, 8, 10)

QF: Ludovic Gombos def. Witold Krupinski (10, 7, 6); Ethan Jin def. Ross Pritsker (5, 10, 6); Jack Wang def. Santiago Sevilla (7, 7, -7, 6); Matthew Khan def. Calvin Chan (2, -8, 8, 6)


Under 2350


F: Brad Belle def. Santiago Sevilla (9, 7, 7)

SF: Brad Belle def. Adar Alguetti (6, 7, 9); Santiago Sevilla def. Edmund Suen (-9, -7, 3, 6, 6)

QF: Adar Alguetti by default; Brad Belle def. Richard DeWitt (7, 6, 5); Edmund Suen def. Gal Alguetti (9, -9, -7, 9, 9); Santiago Sevilla def. Philippe Dassonval (7, 6, 8)



Under 2200


F: Richard DeWitt def. Santiago Sevilla (8, 2, 7)

SF: Santiago Sevilla def.  John Clang (8, 7, -8, 4); Richard DeWitt def.  Brandon Belle (-4, 9, 6, -6, 8)

QF: John Clang def. Gal Alguetti (5, 6, -3, -10, 6); Santiago Sevilla def.  Brad Belle (8, 10, 7); Brandon Belle def. Witold Krupinski (9, -8, 9, -9, 8); Richard DeWitt def. Adar Alguetti (3, 5, 6)



Under 2050


F: Cristine Lockwood def. Tigran Tsitoghdzyan (2, 5, 7)

SF: Cristine Lockwood def. Sin-Ping Ko (6, 3, 8); Tigran Tsitoghdzyan def. Matthew Needle (12, 7 -4, 5)

QF: Cristine Lockwood def.  Donald Feltenberger (5, -6, 6, 4); Sin-Ping Ko def. Claude Boulard (6, -6, 8, 5); Matthew Needle def. Jianglin Mei (8, 7, 8); Tigran Tsitoghdzyan def. Wilbert Williams (9, 9, -13, 7)



Under 1900


F: Ferxey Ayala def. Will Shortz (6, 9, 9)

SF: : Will Shortz def. George Nicholas (3, -10, 6, 10); Ferxey Ayala def. Janis Witte (7, -7, 7, 7)

QF: George Nicholas def. Jie Huang (7, 6, 9); Will Shortz def. Amel Medunjanin (5, 3, 4); Janis Witte def. Aminu Mohammed (7, -8, -6, 8, 2); Ferxey Ayala def. Raymond Yen (9, -8, 4, 6)



Under 1750


F: Leroy King def. Gabriel Riskevich (6, 4, 7)

SF: Leroy King def. Paul Nunez (3, 6, 7); Gabriel Riskevich def. Sam Rockwell (9, -8, 7, 7)

QF Leroy King def. Amel Medunjanin (2, 8, -7, 5); Paul Nunez def. Artem Studenikin (-8, 9, 9, -9, 9); Gabriel Riskevich def. Glen Randmer (6, 7, -8, 4); Sam Rockwell def. Wayne Bartley (8, 9, 6)



Under 1600


F: Paul Nunez def. Glen Randmer (7, 9, 10)

SF: Glen Randmer def. William McGimpsey (7, -8, 7, 8); Paul Nunez def. Sam Rockwell (9, 5, 5)



Under 1450


F: Paul Nunez def. Austin Greenfield (-8, 9, 7, 8)

SF: Paul Nunez def. Shane Olff (5, 3, 3); Austin Greenfield def. Marshall Lipton (10, 6, 7)

QF: Paul Nunez def. Harry Chafetz (4, 5, 5); Shane Olff def. Rex Joy Jr.  (-10, 5, -8, 6, 8); Austin Greenfield def. Sam Rockwell (5, 7, 7); Marshall Lipton def. David Hill (6, 9, 6)


Under 1300


F: Rex Joy Jr. def. Shane Olff (11, -5, 13, 5)

SF: Rex Joy Jr. def. James McLain (7, 5, 12); Shane Olff def. Rahul Acharya (17, -5, -5, 5, 9)

QF: Rex Joy Jr. def. Daniel Rosenfeld (6, 12, 8); James McLain def. Dave Tryon (-7, 10, -7, 7, 6); Rahul Acharya def. Harry Chafetz (4, -8, 2, 4); Shane Olff def. Kevin Wallace (-7, -8, 4, 7, 5)


Under 1150


F: Daniel Rosenfeld def. Jack Fitzsimmons (-7, 4, 8, -6, 2)

SF: Daniel Rosenfeld def. Rahul Acharya (6, 10, 10); Jack Fitzsimmons def. Alex Mazon (-6, 7, 9, 6)

QF: Rahul Acharya by default; Daniel Rosenfeld def. Allen Bukhbinder (6, -14, 4, 7); Alex Mazon def. Weston Cooper (7, 8, 7); Jack Fitzsimmons by default



Under 1000


F: Alex Mazon def. Allen Bukhbinder (2, 6, 6)

SF: Alex Mazon def. David Rockwell (4, 7, 5); Allen Bukhbinder def. Enno Weber (-9, 7, 9, 9)



Over 40

40 and over

F: Richard DeWitt def. Simon Shtofmakher (9, 9, 5)

SF: Simon Shtofmakher def. William McGimpsey (5, 6, 7); Richard DeWitt def. Maruthi Sunkara (-6, 5, 5, 4)


Over 60

60 and over

1st: Simon Shtofmakher (3-0)

2nd: Ming-Hong Chang (2-1)

3rd: William McGimpsey (1-2)




Fri., Apr. 29 (6 - 9 pm)

Table tennis championship for Horace Greeley High School in Chappaqua

Sat./Sun. May 14-15

First NY State table tennis championship in almost a decade • Men's Open, Women's Open, and nine age and skill categories • More than $4,000 in prizes

Sat./Sun. May 28-29

$5,400+ in prizes • $1,500 first prize

Sat./Sun., June 25-26

$5,400+ in prizes • $1,500 first prize

Sat./Sun., July 30-31

$5,400+ in prizes • $1,500 first prize

Sat./Sun., Aug. 27-28

$5,400+ in prizes • $1,500 first prize


"Pong Court"

On April 25 the WTTC was the site of filming for a prospective weekly TV series in which people settle disputes and rivalries over a ping-pong table. Photos of the evening from Glen Randmer, Joel Hoffman.

April Open

136 players, including 14 rated over 2500. In the open final, Bohan Zhang (2714) outlasted Zi Rui Zhao (2681) (7,-8,9.-9,7). Cédric Oba of Côte d'Ivoire won the U2500. Table Tennis Hall-of-Famer Dell Sweeris won the U2050, U2000, and 60 & Over. Results and winner's photos. Video coming shortly. Sunday action shots from Glen Randmer, Henry Lee.

Polling Station

The club's side room will serve as a polling station for the New York State Republican and Democratic primaries on Tuesday, April 19 -- 6 am to 9 pm. The main room will be open for play all day.

March Open

123 players. In the open final, Zi Rui Zhao (2580) beat a jet-lagged and sick Bohan Zhang (2710) (9,6,12), in what was still a fine match. Results and winners' photos. Sunday action shots from Glen Randmer. Video of the finals.

NCTTA NE Championships

Congratulations to the winners of the NCTTA's Northeast regional championship, held at the WTTC on Feb. 27-28: Coed team — 1st Baruch, 2nd NYU, 3rd Columbia. Women's team — NYU. Men's singles — Mishel Levinski, Baruch. Women's singles — Mandy Liu, NYU. Results. Round-by-round scores (click on Northeast Regional Championships "Results"). Photos and video. MetroSports magazine all about the tournament.

February Open

116 players. In the open final, Zi Rui Zhao (2617) beat Jian Li (2637) (6,9,9). Results and winners' photos. Video of the finals. Action shots from Glen Randmer (Sunday), Warren Rosenberg (Saturday).

TV Interview

Will Shortz was interviewed about the upcoming NCTTA regional championship taking place at the WTTC on Feb. 27-28. 11 minutes. You can watch it here.

U.S. Olympic Trials

Congratulations to the WTTC's Sharon Alguetti, 14, who won a spot on the U.S. Olympic table tennis team at the recent Olympic trials. He is the youngest male ever to make the team. The club celebrated his victory with a party on Feb. 13. Photos from Glen Randmer.

January 2016 Open

93 players — 12 rated over 2500 — in a rescheduled tournament from the snowed-out previous weekend. In a razor-tight final in the open playoffs, Kaden Xu (2699) beat Zi Rui Zhao (2587) (10,-9,6,-7,11). Results and winners' photos. Action shots from Henry Lee, Glen RandmerVideo of the final by Ben Nisbet.

December Open

124 players — 11 rated over 2500. In the open playoffs, Jianho Sun (2545) dispatched Zi Rui Zhao (2668) in a quarterfinal, Kai Zhang (2692) in a semi, and Hao Li (2607) in the final (-14,9,9,5). In the U2500, Rajat Hubli defeated Togo champion Kokou Fanny and U.S. Nationals semifinalist Allen Wang to take first prize. Results and winners' photos. Action shots from Warren Rosenberg, Glen Randmer, Richard Getler. Video of the final.

November Open

142 players, in the strongest Westchester field ever — 16 players rated over 2500, including five over 2700. In the final of the open event, Chinese chopper/smasher Wei Wang (2810) defeated Korea's Ojin Kwon (9,3,10). Complete round robin scores, playoffs, and summary compiled by Tej Singh. Winners' photos. Action shots from Henry Lee, Glen Randmer. Semifinal video Ruichao Chen vs. Wei Wang. Final Wang vs. Kwon.

Portuguese Junior Open

Congratulations to the WTTC's Kai Zhang for winning the Portuguese Junior Table Tennis Open, Nov. 18-19. He is now qualified to compete at the World Junior Circuit Finals in Indore, India, in January.

October Open

108 players, with 14 rated over 2500. In the final of the open, Kai Zhang defeated Jishan Liang (8,9,-8,6) to win the $2,500 first prize. The nail-biter of the weekend was Kai's stunning comeback in a quarterfinal over newcomer Hao Li, a player in China's elite Second League (11,-6,-11,13,8). Results and winners' photos. Henry Lee's action shots. Video of the final. Article, partly about the tournament, in The New Yorker.

September Open

A record 164 players — 14 rated over 2500. New players included Ange-Cédric Oba, table tennis champion of Côte d'Ivoire; Neha Aggarwal, 2012 table tennis Olympian from India; and Timothy Wang, 2015 North American Champion. In the final of the open event, Kai Zhang (rated 2707) defeated Zi Rui Zhao (2590) (-9,9,8,8). Results and winners' photos. Photos from Henry Lee, Glen Randmer. Video of the finals with Ben Nisbet.

North American Championships

The NA Championships were held at the WTTC on Sept. 5-7 -- men's and women's singles and teams, and the same for boys and girls. The U.S. took gold in every event. In the women's singles' final, the U.S.'s Lily Zhang came back from a 0-3 game deficit against Canada's Mo Zhang to win 4-3. Congratulations to men's singles champion Timothy Wang, who defeated Canada's Pierre-Luc Theriault 4-1 in the final. Results and videos. Highlights. Photos from Warren Rosenberg (click "Sports Events," then event name), Joel Hoffman, Glen Randmer, Henry Lee.

August Open

155 players — 10 rated over 2500. The final of the open event was a rematch of July's final between Kai Zhang (rated 2682) and Ruichao Chen (2676) This time Ruichao won (4,11,-7,9). Results and winners' photos. Video of the finals.

July Open

159 players, the second-biggest WTTC tournament ever. Players came from Bosnia, Dominican Republic, Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago, Canada, and across the U.S. In the final of the open event, Kai Zhang (rated 2661) defeated Ruichao Chen (2664) (4,4,6). Results and winners' photos. Action shots from Henry Lee / Glen RandmerVideo of the finals with Ben Nisbet.

Summer Camp

Thirty-three kids, including 12 from Trinidad & Tobago, participated in Week 2 of the WTTC's summer camp, with coaches Rawle Alleyne, Paul David, Kai Zhang, and Hanwei Wang.

Day 1,000 Celebration

Will Shortz celebrated playing table tennis for his 1,000th consecutive day on June 30. The filmmakers Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman ("Catfish," "Paranormal Activity 3" and "4") presented a video on Will. Journal News article + video on the party. Vulture article + interview. MetroSports Magazine article (pp. 22-26). Photos from Warren RosenbergGlen Randmer / Joel Hoffman / Laurel Gollo.

June Open

134 players, including 12 rated over 2500. In the final of the open event, the WTTC's Kai Zhang (rated 2689) defeated Poland's Filip Szymanski (2700) (-11,9,4,10). Besides Poland, players came from Idaho, Texas, Georgia, Mississippi, and all over the Northeast. Results and winners' photos. Action photos from Joel Hoffman ... and Glen Randmer. Video of the finals by Ben Nisbet.

May Open

142 players, including 12 rated over 2500. In the final of the open event, chopper/smasher Qing Feng Guang (rated 2689) defeated Jishan Liang (2665) (8,-10,8,6). Newcomer Rajat Hubli from France won the U-2500. Results and winners' photos. Action shots from Henry Lee, Joel HoffmanVideo of the finals from Ben Nisbet.

Congratulations to Kai Zhang

... for winning the 2015 Canadian Junior Open on May 13-14! He went undefeated, including beating Kanak Jha, the defending champion from California.

Aid for Trevor Salmon

Trevor Salmon
(Photo by Kirk Smith - Click on image to enlarge)
Thank you to Westchester TTC members for donating $6,395 to help Trevor Salmon (above center) after his stroke. Robert and Will delivered a check on May 10.

April Open

139 players, including nine rated over 2500, four rated over 2700. In the final of the open event, 2014 NA Cup champion Eugene Wang (rated 2816) defeated Jishan Liang (2645) (5,4,3). Results and winners' photos. Action shots from Glen Randmer, Henry LeeVideo of the finals from Ben Nisbet.

March Open

132 players. In the final of the open, Kai Zhang (rated 2706) defeated Bochao Li (2666) (6,10,4). In a semifinal, Kai defeated his longtime rival Jishan Liang, after being down 2 games to 1. Results and winners' photos. Action shots from Glen RandmerHenry LeeVideo of the final.

February Open

125 players, including four rated over 2600. In the final of the open, Jishan Liang (rated 2646) was defeated by his friend and nemesis Kai Zhang (2664) (10,9,-8,10). In the U2500 final, Nigeria's Yinka Olasoji defeated Kun Yang (2479) (7,9,-8,8). Results and winners' photos. Action shots from Glen Randmer, Henry LeeVideo of the final.

NA Tour Grand Final

In short ... wow! In the final, Canada's Eugene Wang (rated 2799) defeated California's Bob Chen (2730) in a sensational seven-game match (8,-5,7,-9,9,-4,3). Tournament wrap-up. Videos. Slide shows by Warren Rosenberg, Glen Randmer, Serge Migdal. Wang/Chen slow-mo point. Journal News article. Pre-tournament press release.

January 2015 Open

113 players. In a thrilling open final, the WTTC's Kai Zhang (rated 2664) defeated Gaoxiang Zhao (2679) (9,-10,7,-5,11). Results and winners' photos. Fantastic slo-mo point from the final (1:40) courtesy of Bob Mankoff. Full video. Sunday action shots from Glen Randmer.

Winter Kids' Tournament

About 25 kids competed in four age categories in the WTTC's Winter 2015 Kids' Tournament. Results and photos.

December Open

141 players, including an unusual number of out-of-towners. In the final of the open, Ruichao Chen (rated 2606) defeated former U.S. Nationals champion Michael Landers (2512) (7,9,7). Results and winners' photosVideo of the finals. Action shots from Warren Rosenberg (under "Sports Events") Henry Lee, and Glen Randmer.

New Flooring

New rubberized flooring was installed throughout the main hall on Dec. 22-23. Players will now need to wear proper athletic shoes when playing on the surface. 

November Open

127 players, with six of the top eight coming from China. Seven players rated 2600+. In the final of the open, Wei Wang defeated Jie Te Zhang 5, 7, -11, 7. Results and winners' photos. Henry Lee's action shots. Glen Randmer's. Video of the Inclusion event. Video of the semifinal Jie Te Zhang vs Qing Feng Guang. Also Wei Wang vs. Jin Ze Cao. Final Wei Wang vs. Jie Te Zhang.

October Open

138 players, including five rated 2600+. In the final of the open, chopper Qing Feng Guang beat Kai Zhang 8, -10, 4, 9. Results and winners' photos. Quarterfinal video (Damien Provost vs. Bochao Li), semifinal (Provost vs. Qing Feng Guang), final (Guang vs. Kai Zhang). Saturday action shots from Warren Rosenberg. Sunday action shots from Henry Lee.


Marco Santini demonstrated his cool table tennis variation, Inclusion, at the WTTC on Oct. 4. Video.

September Open

129 players, including eight rated 2500+, In the final of the open event, teenaged Zi Rui Zhao, newly arrived from China, defeated Jishan Liang 10, 3, 8. Defending champion Qing Feng Guang lost to Jishan in a thrilling semifinal 10, 3, -10, -10, 8. Results and winners' photos. Action shots from Warren Rosenberg / Henry Lee. Video of the finals / semifinal.

August Open

112 players, including the #1 player in the country, Qing Feng Guang (rated 2776). In the finals of the open, Guang beat the WTTC's Kai Zhang (2666) 1, 4, -7, 8. Results and winners' photos. Video of the finalWarren Rosenberg's action shots from Sunday (click "Sports Events").

July Open

142 players. In the finals of the open, China's Qing Feng Guang (rated 2770) defeated four-time WTTC champion Damien Provost (2622) 9, 12, 9. Results and winners' photos. Video of the final. Another video, with different angles and slow-motion replays. Warren Rosenberg's action shots from Saturday (click "Sports Events").

June Open

115 players in the tournament's most competitive field ever -- 12 rated over 2500, seven over 2600. Players came from seven foreign countries and coast to coast in the U.S. to compete. In the final of the open, Slovenia's Bojan Tokic (ranked #46 in the world) beat Chinese chopper Qing Feng Guang -9, 5, 2, 6. Results and winners' photos. Warren Rosenberg's action shots (click "Sports Events"). Video of the finals.

Training with Bojan Tokic

 Class with Tokic
(Click on image to enlarge)

Sixteen players from California to New York took training from Bojan Tokic (ITTF-ranked #46 in the world) on June 27. Members of the second training session are pictured above. Bojan is in the blue shirt in the second row.

May Open

123 players. In the final of the open, the WTTC's Kai Zhang (2699) beat longtime rival Jishan Liang (2581) 3, -10, 5, 7. Results and Photos. Video of the finals.

April Open

149 players (six 2550+) -- our second-biggest tournament ever. In the final of the open, China's Bob Chen (2735) beat Kai Zhang (2704) 4, 8, -8, 4. They won $2,500 and $1,000, respectively. Results and Photos. Video of the finals.

Thursday TT for 50+

Starting April 24 the club will have bonus hours of 10am-3pm for players 50 years and over (and anyone else who wants to come). Cost: $5. (No charge for WTTC members.)

Indian Champion Here

(Click on image to enlarge)
Former #2 female player from India, Moonmoon Mukherjee -- now a coach for the Indian Railway team -- played at the club on April 19. She hopes to send young Indian players here for training.

Spring Kids' Tournament

22 players. Congratulations to Johannes Kantorczyk (10 & Under), Henry Nicklin (11 & 12) and Noah Landgarten (13 & 14). More results, winners' photos.

"60 Minutes" on Bob Mankoff

… is here. The WTTC scene starts at about 11:45.

March Open

122 players. In the final of the open event, the WTTC's Kai Zhang (2685) upset China's Bob Chen (2740) 5, 9, -9, -8, 6. Bob had beaten Kai in straight games only the week before at F.I.T. Results and photos. Video of the finals.

February Open

142 players, 12 rated 2475+. Eugene Wang (2815), reigning U.S. Open champion, defeated Kai Zhang (2670) -11, 10, 3, 8 in the final. Results and photos. Also: Video of the finals. (The fourth game contained the most amazing rally of the weekend.)

"60 Minutes" at the Club

60 minutes
(Click on image to enlarge)
Morley Safer and a film crew from "60 Minutes" were at the club on Feb. 19 to film Bob Mankoff and Will Shortz playing TT.

January 2014 Open

118 players. The WTTC's own Kai Zhang (2670, ranked #5 in the country) defeated XinXu Zhao (2535) -13, 5, 7, 9 -- for his 8th win at a WTTC Open. Results and photosVideo.

Winter Kids' Tournament

Congratulations to the winners of the WTTC's Winter Kids' Tournament: 10 & Under -- Shaye Kirman, 11-12 -- Abe Gold; 13-14 -- Amel Medunjanin. Winners' photos.

Holiday Clinic a Success

Holiday Clinic 2013
(Click on image to enlarge)
An average of 25-30 players a day, representing all ages and skill levels, took part in the WTTC's four-day Holiday Clinic, Dec. 27-30. Robert and Rawle did drills and led games. The Dec. 28 group appears above.

December Open

55 players -- a low turnout due to a snowstorm and the holidays. In the finals of the open, the WTTC's Kai Zhang (ranked 10th in the country) upset Damien Provost (ranked 6th) and Kewei Li (ranked 2nd) to take home the $1,500 grand prize. Warren Rosenberg's action shots. Results and winners' photos.

High School Night

Congratulations to the winners of the Pleasantville HS table tennis tournament, held at the WTTC on Dec. 6: 1. Adam Bucheister 2. Josh Wallen 3. Paul French. Also to the winners of Horace Greeley HS: 1. Robbie Laidlaw 2. Richard Ma 3. Robert Sterian.

November Open

109 players, including 10 rated over 2500. In the final of the open event, Atlanta's Kewei Li (rated 2686) won for the second month in a row, defeating Wen Guo of China (3,15,12). Photos and Results. Video will be posted shortly.

October Open

143 players -- the highest number since Oct. 2011. Five of the country's top 11 players competed. In the final of the open event, chopper Kewei Li (rated 2662) defeated Kai Zhang (2661) (3,9,6). Results + winners' photos. Warren Rosenberg's action shots. Video of the finals. Best semifinal.

September Open

108 players this month. In the final of the open event, the WTTC's Kai Zhang (rated 2648) won in a mild upset over France's Damien Provost (2670). Photos and results.

August Open

109 players. The WTTC's Kai Zhang (rated 2644) defeated his onetime training partner Jing Yi Zhao (2461) in the final of the open event. Results and photos here.

Inclusion Demo

On Aug. 15 Marco Santini demonstrated his new table tennis invention, Inclusion, with side walls added to the table for a new dimension of play. More info here.

July Open

103 players. In the final of the open event, China's Bochao Li (2617) defeated Max Wang (2527) (7,8,9). Results and photos. Warren Rosenberg's photos from Sunday. Video of the finals. 

April-June 2013 League Night

Quarterly results are here. Note: A new Team League Night will start in September.

June Open

118 players. In the final of the open event, Eugene Wang (2810) defeated the WTTC's Kai Zhang (2659) by a hair's-breadth (8,-7,-8,10,3). Video of the final match. Results and photos.

May Open

113 players. In the final of the open event, Kai Zhang (2639) defeated Damien Provost (2686) (9,5,7). Best match of the weekend was a ferocious semifinal pitting Kai against Michael Landers (2567). Kai won (-9,8,-8,9,9). Results and photos.

ITTF Video on the NA Cup

The Westchester TTC is prominent in the ITTF's wrap-up of April events.

April Open

Florida Group April 2013

123 players -- 11 rated 2500+. In the final of the open event, Canada's Eugene Wang (2806) rallied from a two-game deficit to beat France's Damien Provost in a nail-biting deuce-in-the-fifth set (-10,-12,10,5,11). A big contingent from Florida's Broward TTC (above) took part. Results and photos.

North America Cup

Canada's Andre Ho upset the U.S.'s Timothy Wang in the men's final of the 2013 ITTF North America Cup, held April 20-21 at the WTTC. Lily Zhang beat fellow American Ariel Hsing in the women's final. Videos of the top matches can be found on the ITTF YouTube channel. Still shots can be found on Warren Rosenberg's site. The Journal News has an article and a slide show. Also: Newsday slide show. Newsday video. ITTF stories. Bruce Liu photos.

Jan.-Mar. 2013 League Night

Quarterly results are here. Congratulations to Victor Krupinski and all the winners!

March Open

115 players. In the final of the open event, France's Damien Provost (2667) upset Taiwan's Chia-sheng Lee (ITTF-ranked #194 in the world) in straight games (9,10,5). Results and photos.

February Open

108 players -- seven of them over 2400, four over 2500. In the open event, Kai Zhang (2603) upset Damien Provost (2670) in an exciting five-game final (1,11,-9,-10,6). The Costa Rican national table tennis team captured seven prizes over the weekend. Mexico's Yadira Silva made it to the quarters of the open and the semis of the U-2500. The Handicap event drew a record 29 players. Results and winners' photos are here. Warren Rosenberg's action shots are here; digital downloads and prints may be ordered from him.

January 2013 Open

111 players, five rated over 2500. In the open event Kai Zhang (2583) defeated YanJun Gao (2574) in a furious final (13,10,14). Results and photos.

Beer Pong!

Twenty-three players competed in our Beer Pong tournament on Jan. 19. Results and photos are here. Newsday pre-story and photo here and slide show of the event here. Journal News photos of the event (not looking our best!) here.

Winter Kids' Tournament Results

14 competed. Results and photos.

December Open

France's Damien Provost defeated Brooklyn's Mishel Levinski (6,6,-10,4) in the final of our December Open. Results and photos. Warren Rosenberg's action shots are here; digital downloads and prints may be ordered from him.

November Open

15-year-old Kai Zhang defeated Max Wang in the final of our November Open, which was part of New York Table Tennis Weekend. Results and photos.

October Open

Eugene Wang (USATT-rated 2783) of the Canadian national table tennis team defeated 15-year-old Chinese phenom Kai Zhang (2557) in straight games to win $2,500 in the finals of the WTTC's October Open. Results and photos.

September Open

Two recent arrivals from China battled it out in the finals of the WTTC's September Open. Kewei Li (USATT-rated 2418) upset Kai Zhang (2560)
7, -9, 6, 10. Altogether 123 players competed, including six rated over 2500. Results and photos here.

August Open

France's Damien Provost (USATT-rated 2695) defeated chopper Qing Liang Wang (2641) 10, 7, 6 in the final of our August Open. Altogether 136 players competed. Results and photos. Freelance photographer Warren Rosenberg's action shots appear here.

Coaching Clinic

Eleven students are taking Sydney Christophe's coaching clinic at the WTTC (Aug. 4, 5, 11, 12, and 25). At the end they'll receive ITTF Level 1 coaching certification. In the photo, Sydney is in the middle row, second from the left.

July Open

Kevin Wang (USATT-rated 2476) dispatched Max Wang (2556) 3-0 in the finals of the WTTC's July Open. It was the semifinal matches -- Kevin beating YanJun Gao and Max beating Peng Yin -- that were nail-biters. Each went to five games. Altogether 123 players competed. Photos and Results

June Open

For the first time at one of our Opens, YanJun Gao wasn't the champion or runner-up. France's Damien Provost (2651) beat Peng Yin (2544) in a hard-fought, four-game match. Photos and results

Seniors' Tournament Results

Congratulations to the winners of the club's first Seniors' Tournament on May 12. Photos and results.

Doubles Tournament Results

36 teams competed in five events for $2,500 in prizes in our first Doubles tournament on May 5. Photos and results.